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Oil, Amp, Temp & Fuel Gauges for

2-Cylinder and New Generation Tractors

Oil gauge, white or black faces with or w/o studs

Amp gauge, white or black faces

Temp gauges, white or black faces

24"-$80          36"-$80

48"-$85          72" & 84"-$90    

2-Cylinder fuel gauge, positive or negative ground, with sending unit (6 or 12 volt)

Oil line kits

NOS 6 volt electric gauge for 330 & 430 with sender (limited supply)

New Generation temp gauges

New Generation fuel gauge w/sender (pre-1969) (positive or negative ground)

New Generation fuel gauge (1969-1972) (no fiber optics)

Powershift Transmission oil gauge

New Generation engine oil PSI gauge

8020 clutch, oil, air, and temp gauge set

Tri-lingual gauges for import/export models

All gauges come with the mounting clamps and hardware

All gauges have real glass and are calibrated

Faces are made by Jorde Decals

Prices subject to change without notice












Replacement Gauges for

Antique Tractors

Oliver - Yellow face

Oliver - 950, 990 & 995

Oliver - 995 torque converter temp gauge

Oliver Hart Parr

Minneapolis Moline (black or stainless steel bezels)

Case - Early black

Case-O-Matic temp and PSI


Graham Bradley


Massey Ferguson 98

Oil gauge

Amp gauge

Fuel PSI Case and IH

Temp gauge

IH fuel with sender (6 and 12 volt)

Gravely oil gauge

Rock Island oil gauge

All gauges have the details of the originals

All gauges come with mounting clamp and hardware

Temp gauges have the correct length of lead

All gauges have real glass, polished stainless steel bezels and are calibrated

Contact for gauges for other makes and models

Prices subject to change without notice








Also Available

Dash lights and ignition switches for 2-Cylinders

Tachometers and cables for New Gen and 2-Cylinders

Cigarette lighters for New Gen and 2-Cylinders

Indicator lights for New Generation GEN and OIL

Other parts available, please call


please call with any questions or to order

Jerry & Missy Trcka

W7619 Walnut Drive, Spooner, WI  54801

Call or Text: (715) 520-7876


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